Summer writing tips

Aloha! Hopefully you are somewhere relaxing and you’re cooling down from all the stress from the school year.

Also, those intending to apply to a university next year – surely you are already putting your thoughts together for a real nice personal statement. If you find yourself a little bit stuck on this, here is a few tips on how to proceed.

First, make sure you understand well what your target university is looking for. Check their website, forums, ask current students and alumni. Gather as much information as you can to form your statement accordingly.

Brainstorm. Nobody has a perfect image of their personal statement right away. You need to put all your ideas on a paper – anything that comes to your mind. There is no wrong idea and the more ideas you have, the better. You will soon see what points stand out and would make sense in a personal statement.

Connect. Take the elements that you chose from your brainstorming and start to put them together in sentences. Remember that the first draft is just a draft – no need to aim for perfection. The goal is to create a coherent text that carries your ideas and gives you a sense of how your personal statement could look like.

Repeat and perfect. Now is the time for improvements. Come back to your draft again and again and keep improving it. It may even happen that what you had written previously makes no longer sense – in this case, just start from scratch. It sounds annoying, but it is what differentiates the winning statements from the average ones. It is crucial to keep reading your statement through time – it is not enough to keep rewriting your statement within a couple of days. You need to come back to your statement after some time as it gives you the much-needed perspective to realize what looks good and what doesn’t.

As always, if you need assistance, you know where to find us.

Good luck!

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