Good profile – what are we talking about? 

When you’re searching information about applying to universities in the UK or USA, you can find countless articles describing how to choose your university, what kind of degree you should take, what academic record you need or what exams to take. However, sometimes you can come across something called “candidate’s profile” that is apparently no less important. What is this thing anyway?

As we described in some of our previous entries, your profile basically proves that you’re deeply interested about the given subject area and that you have been interested already for some time. It also shows how you have been preparing to be a good candidate and if you can be an asset to given university. But let’s say more.

How do you even prove that you can be an asset to the university? One of the stepping stones for sure is your academic record – if we’re talking about top universities, unfortunately, there is almost no way past this. But then there’s more.

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Imagine for a minute that you are the admission committee reading your application. Also imagine that you’ve already read countless applications and just today you’ll read a dozen more. In each application, an applicant claims that he or she is just the right candidate.  Hard to impress, right? To catch the attention of the person reading your application, you’ll need clear and measurable proofs that you really have been into the subject for some time now and that you might be a good candidate. This proof is your track record: your past activities.

Activities in academic sphere can be following: representation of your school at various kinds of contests, organizing or co-organizing all kinds of activities at your school, excellent study results, elaborating a project or a paper on a topic on the subject that you want to apply for, helping your teachers, awards and honours, and many more. You can also participate on some workshop, join a conference, or take some online courses.

Then we have extracurricular activities – the good thing is, this can be just about anything. Do you have any special talent or hobby? It might be a completely ordinary activity to you, but if you really think about it, not many people can do it. This could be activities in sports, music or other areas of art, your active participation in society – volunteering or working for your community, and anything else.

The selection committee also wants to know about your past work experience. Have you had an internship or a summer job, ideally somehow connected to the field you want to study? No need to be the CEO; it could be any kind of work related to your study field that will show you’ve already seen what it takes to work in the field.

If you’re starting to have a headache after reading the above lines and think you cannot do it, we have a message for you – don’t panic and just do it! You don’t need to do all of the activities. Pick and choose the ones that would work for you and would be possible to arrange. Ask around! You’ll see that your friends, teachers, or family might help you find just the right activity that you can later present in your profile.

If you are still clueless as of where to start, get in touch with us and we’ll help you find your way.

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