Living in overpriced London

It is no secret that life in London will cost you. Especially as a student, you stand on the wrong side of money transmission – instead of earning, you just spend, spend, and spend. There are some life hacks though which could help you save some £££.

While staying in the city centre can be really expensive, do not underestimate the prices of transportation in London. It may seem like a good idea to find housing further away from the downtown, but soon enough, you will find yourself spending close to £100/month just for commuting; and don’t forget to count in the hours spent in a bus and all the stress (commuting in London can give you a real headache). Obviously, the best thing you can do is check the housing in person before you sign the contract, and even try to go all the way to your uni just the way you would be doing every day.

Eating out will probably not be your everyday activity (yes, money-wise), but there are great places (small restaurants, bistros, etc.) that offer good food for quite good money. Ask your friends and classmates because these places are usually well known by most students. Instead of going to expensive bars, check out university pubs and bars – their prices are way friendlier and let’s face it, you will definitely have more fun amongst your peers than among tired City guys trying to flush their troubles away in lots of booze.

Although London doesn’t seem that way, it can be really generous to students. If you are into culture (museums, concerts, etc.), do a little research and you will find out that most of these places offer great deals for students. Museums are no brainer – most of them are for free for everybody. How about other cultural venues? If you’re interested, check out these:

If this is not enough for you, google some more, you will be surprised what’s all there to see!

So don’t give up on London – if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find out that it can actually give you a good time for reasonable money.

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