International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

To the relief of many students around the world, International Baccalaureate (IB) exams are coming to an end this week. Now that it has been a topic, were you wondering whether you have to pass an IB exam in order to be accepted to a top-tier UK university?

Although universities welcome the IB Diploma as a widely recognized and reliable performance proof, not having the Diploma should not disadvantage you in the admission process. Universities gather their information about other national secondary school leaving exams such as Abitur or Baccalauréat and are able to put them in context to have an idea about your performance.

For these reasons, you should not rely on the fact that universities will not really know how well you did in your national exam. They can (and will) compare your results against peers from your country; some of the universities even have clearly stated requirements for each country and their secondary education leaving exams.

In general, it may be an advantage for you to undertake the IB Diploma Programme. The structure is usually closer to the UK higher education system than many other national educational systems.  This may help you in the application writing process, as well as during the university studies. To undertake the IB programme is hence not a necessary condition but may pay off later on.

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