Hopefully you all are enjoying summer holidays. There is hardly a better time for students than this, isn’t it?

While it is undisputable that this is your time to just slow down and relax, enjoy new encounters, and do everything for what you didn’t have time during school year, let us tell you a little secret. This is also a perfect time to give your application such a boost that will shoot your application to the moon. Why, you are asking?

Firstly, you can close your door and sort your ideas for your personal statement without anyone disturbing you with other duties (o.k., you will probably have to tell your friends to give you a little break from all kinds of invitations). You can also do a thorough research of universities you might want to apply to and have plenty of time to contact current students or graduates to ask about their insights.

If conditions allow, you can also make a little trip to see the universities you are considering – grab a few friends along and go see with your own eyes whether that is the place you want to be during the next year/ couple of years. You may even catch some university representatives there, although do not forget that the universities will not be in their regular mode during summer.

Most importantly, you have enough time to think about whether your profile is strong enough to support your application. If you feel like there is something missing and that your profile could look a little better to persuade the selection committee, now is the time to come up with ideas about activities you could do, and do them! You now have a month, in most cases more than a month, to go out there and do an internship, write a piece of work, visit relevant places or people, take an exam (try to score better in an English exam, maybe?), or study on your own to deepen your knowledge (wanna look at some online courses, learn better English or finally understand that topic you never got in school, but will likely encounter it at university?). This is extremely important, and it is precisely what will put you ahead of your competition.

So have a great holiday and remember, we are here for you even during summer, to help you make a perfect candidate out of yourself!

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