Brexit – What now?

The question of Brexit is obviously highly important for students currently studying in the UK, as well as prospective students considering their studies in the UK. Naturally, we all are wondering what will happen after the UK leaves the European Union – particularly, how does it change the conditions of EU students. 


The fact is, there is no clear answer which you are probably looking for. Throughout the period of two years from UK’s Brexit notification (29th March 2017), the position of EU nationals (/students) remains unchanged. During this period, EU students will be eligible for financial support under the same conditions as of now, across all universities in the United Kingdom. For the following year (2019/2020), we so far know that EU students in Scotland will remain eligible for free tuition during the entire length of their course.*


What happens with EU students from the academic year 2019/2020 onwards is not yet clear. The conditions are still being negotiated it remains a question when any news will be released. Nonetheless, considering the number of EU students in the UK (in England itself, about 14% of all students are EU nationals), it may be argued that attracting EU students is not unimportant for the UK universities. It is hence only logical that UK universities will try to keep the conditions as welcoming as possible. As soon as any new information comes out, we will keep you posted!


*More information here

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