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About Started

Started emerged in reaction to the prevailing fear and uncertainty many students feel when thinking about getting a degree abroad. We want to empower students to make the first step and apply, and to help them be accepted by their dream university.

Our service is for students aiming to apply for bachelor’s or master’s degree programmes at world’s top universities. We believe that it is often lack of knowledge and know-how that stands in their way of getting an excellent education. By bridging this unknown with our experience and insiders access, we can give students the wings to reach their goals.

Who we are

Jan Philipp, MSc.

Jan completed his bachelor‘s at the University of Economics, Prague. After his failed attempt to apply for master’s studies at Imperial College Business School in London, Jan and Lucie took a gap year to work at an Indonesian financial group in Jakarta. By then, Jan also started his research of what it is that universities really want in a candidate. After many interviews with university representatives, successful and unsuccessful applicants, Jan started recognising a pattern in successful applications. He was accepted the following year and graduated from Imperial College Business School. After completing his degree, Jan went on to work at the Boston Consulting Group.

Lucie Philippova, MSc.

Lucie completed her bachelor’s degree at Charles University in Prague. After that, she was accepted for master’s degree at SOAS, University of London. Due to Jan’s application rejection, she deferred her entry and went with Jan to work in Indonesia. The following year, Lucie graduated from SOAS, University of London. During her studies, she gained an insider’s look into the university processes in her role as a student representative. This role, through cooperative meetings with university employees, brought her closer to understanding universities’ motivations in accepting new students. After graduation Lucie worked in the higher education private sector, gaining more experience in the area.

Upon graduation, both Jan and Lucie were asked several times for help with applications to UK universities. They noticed that most applicants make the same common mistakes which often cost them offers from universities. They believe that avoiding these mistakes is not rocket science; once one knows the processes to follow, acceptance chances increase immensely. Every student who cooperated with Jan and Lucie has received offers from the majority if not all of their chosen universities. This led the two to the idea of providing assistance on a larger scale.

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